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Mountainside Living at its Finest

Fairfield Ideal House Design
AerialView of Fairfield Central Park
Fairfield Community
AerialView of Fairfield Central Park
Aerial View of Fairfield Entrance
AerialView of Fairfield Central Park
Actual Photo of Fairfield Fountain
Aerial View of Fairfield Community


Phase I

A beautiful land that offers a captivating, inspiring and soothing living experience. Fairfield is a Contemporary American Suburban-inspired residential community of bi-leveled homes, set upon eight hectares of expansive terrain, wide open spaces, towering trees and verdant flora. Situated in a wide and scenic landscape, it exudes balance and harmony with its natural surroundings. This lush environment highlighted by a fountain at the main park and linear road park with jogging path, make this community perfect for residents with an active and healthy lifestyle. Fairfield also offers a picture perfect view of Mt. Makiling and the mountainside.

Site Development Plan

Features and Amenities

  • A community of Contemporary American homes sprawling over 8.1 hectares of land

  • 115 lots with sizes ranging from 300 to 719 square meters

  • Open spaces and linear road parks for leisure activities

  • Crisp and pleasing weather

  • A safe, gated community with 24-hour security

  • 24-hour emergency medical and fire-fighting teams

  • Independent and abundant water supply

  • Underground utilities

  • 100% emergency power supply

  • In-house landscaping and full housekeeping services available

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