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Zen Living at its Finest

Actual photo of Katsura
Actual photo of Koen
Actual view at Katsura
Actual photo of Koen Facade
Actual photo of Pocket Park
Artist’s Perspective of Katsura


Phase I

The Katsura community takes delight in the fusion of traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture of its homes. The subdivision takes pride in offering a spectacular blend of simplicity and elegance, located in a prime location in Tagaytay Highlands overlooking the Taal Lake. Inspired by the great Katsura Palace of Kyoto, Katsura is stretched over 14 hectares of gently rolling terrain, paying tribute to the simple, yet classy way of living.

Site Development Plan

Features and Amenities

  • A Japanese-themed community sitting on a 14-hectare gently rolling terrain

  • Has 241 lots with sizes ranging from 250 to 538 square meters

  • Several pocket gardens for picnics and other leisure activities

  • A safe, gated community with 24-hour security

  • 24-hour emergency medical and fire-fighting teams

  • Abundant water supply through Tagaytay Midlands private water system

  • 100% emergency power supply

  • Underground utilities

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